Microscopic photo of an eye


Award Criteria:

  • The competition is open to scientists at accredited academic medical centers, research institutions and universities in the U.S. and Canada.
  • Applicants must have a MD and/or PhD (or equivalent) and demonstrate exceptional promise.
  • Of particular interest is the targeting of pathways and processes that might affect retinal dystrophies and vision, with the ultimate goal of advancing translation of research into drugs and cell-based therapies. In most cases, device development is not supported.
  • Multidisciplinary discovery with potential application to the eye is being sought, as are investigators studying fundamental processes with multidisciplinary applications.

The awards are conditional on your meeting certain obligations and deliverables, including:

  • Willingness to work collaboratively with Harrington Discovery Institute’s Innovation Support Center staff
  • Timely submission of financial and progress reports
  • Participation in an annual Foundation Fighting Blindness-Translational Research Acceleration Program (FFB-TRAP) Symposium organized by the Foundation Fighting Blindness
  • Participation in an annual Scientific Symposium, organized by Harrington Discovery Institute in Cleveland, Ohio

Awards may be terminated at any time. Continued support is dependent upon favorable scientific review of progress reports, milestones being met appropriately, and continued relevance of the work to the mission of Foundation Fighting Blindness.

Confidentiality in the Application Process

Members of the Foundation Fighting Blindness and Harrington Discovery Institute review panels and Scientific Advisory Boards complete mutual Confidentiality & Disclosure Agreements to protect confidential applicant submissions.

Non-public applicant information is always kept confidential (and limited in distribution to the reviewers and Harrington Discovery Institute and Foundation Fighting Blindness administrative teams). The abstract summary, including the applicant’s name and institutional affiliation, for those selected as Gund-Harrington Scholars, may be used by Harrington Discovery Institute for publicity and marketing purposes (on the Harrington Discovery Institute website, news releases, etc.) at Harrington Discovery Institute’s sole discretion.

Applicants acknowledge that University Hospitals Health System may conduct research that is related to or competitive with proposals submitted by applicants, but University Hospitals Health System commits not to use information submitted by applications in connection with such research.

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