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About Our Partnership

Harrington Discovery Institute at University Hospitals in Cleveland, Ohio, part of The Harrington Project for Discovery & Development, supports the efforts of innovative scientists to advance discoveries that will improve lives of patients. Foundation Fighting Blindness and Harrington Discovery Institute have partnered to form the National Center for Excellence in Fighting Blindness. This program focuses on accelerating the translation of research findings in inherited retinal degenerative diseases (IRD) with the ultimate goal of developing new therapies to prevent, treat and cure blindness.

This program seeks to recognize and award innovators in the US and Canada, whose research has the potential to advance standard of care. The Gund-Harrington Scholar Award provides funding for translational drug development and cell therapy, along with strategic advising and mentoring from experts in pharmaceutical development through Harrington Discovery Institute’s Innovation Support Center, to help bridge the gap between laboratory-based research and the clinic. Gund-Harrington Scholars have facilitated access to BioMotiv, a for-profit bio-accelerator associated with The Harrington Project, and aligned with HDI’s mission and structure.

For more information about the Gund-Harrington Program, please visit the Foundation Fighting Blindness web page.

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