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About Our Partnership

Harrington Discovery Institute at University Hospitals in Cleveland, Ohio, part of The Harrington Project for Discovery & Development, supports the efforts of innovative scientists to advance discoveries that will improve lives of patients. In a similar mission, Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation (ADDF) provides funding to accelerate scientists’ efforts to develop drugs to prevent, treat and cure Alzheimer’s disease, related dementias and cognitive aging.

The ADDF follows a venture philanthropy model, funding research in academia and the biotechnology industry. It’s the only such charity solely dedicated to funding the development of drugs for Alzheimer’s disease. Through the support of its donors, the ADDF has awarded more than $70 million to fund over 450 Alzheimer’s dug discovery programs and clinical trials in 18 countries.

In 2013, the ADDF and HDI formed a mission aligned partnership to leverage their combined expertise and resources to advance highly promising Alzheimer’s disease discovery projects, conducted in academic medical institutions nationwide and established the ADDF-Harrington Scholar Program.

ADDF-Harrington Scholars are funded from ADDF, and provided strategic advising and mentoring from experts in pharmaceutical development through Harrington Discovery Institute’s Therapeutics Development Team, to chart a path from the bench to the clinic. ADDF-Harrington Scholars have facilitated access to BioMotiv, a for-profit bio-accelerator associated with The Harrington Project, and aligned with HDI’s mission and structure.

For more information about the ADDF-Harrington Program, please visit the Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation web page.

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