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The Harrington Project

Accelerating Breakthrough Discoveries into Medicines

The Harrington Project for Discovery & Development addresses several major challenges facing medicine today through a unique tripartite collaboration leveraging both nonprofit and for-profit organizations.

  • The Harrington Discovery Institute supports academic researchers and breakthrough discovery through programs, including Harrington Scholar-Innovator, Gund-Harrington, ADDF-Harrington and Oxford-Harrington.
  • We provide drug development infrastructure and financial support to accelerate development of innovative therapies.
  • BioMotiv, a mission-aligned commercial development company, is one of our exit partners connecting academic projects with late-stage commercialization partners.

Mission Provides Critical Resources for Scientists

The Harrington Project’s ambitious scope and mission are designed to address the gaps and failures that have arisen as economic and regulatory environments have changed. Despite breathtaking advances in basic science, the rate of clinical introduction of new therapeutics has declined.

The Harrington Project’s three components offer financial and experiential resources at critical points in the drug development pathway, and thus offer scientists a critical resource to realize their goals and mission.

The Harrington Project for Discovery & Development

Breakthrough Medicine