Pediatric Asthma Center

University Hospitals Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital

Kristie Ross, MD
Daniel Craven, MD

Alfreda Eff 216-844-3267

Dayenette Ellington 216-844-3528

For hospital transfers, please call 216-844-1111.

Conditions Treated
Pediatric asthma
Severe asthma
Preschool wheezing
Exercise-induced wheezing/shortness of breath

Diagnostic Procedures
Pediatric pulmonary function testing
Exhaled nitric oxide
Tests of bronchoprovocation (exercise, methacholine)
Allergy skin prick testing
Infant pulmonary function testing 
Flexible bronchoscopy (not normally needed)

Personalized asthma management plan developed in conjunction with child and family
Integrated care path to ensure high-quality, highly reliable treatment of childhood acute asthma in all University Hospitals Emergency Departments
Innovative care path for the treatment of severe acute asthma in hospitalized children at all UH Rainbow Babies and Children’s locations, focused on personalized plans to prevent readmissions

Distinguishing Features
Collaborative team approach with allergy/immunology, gastroenterology, ENT, sleep medicine and other asthma-related specialties when needed
Multidisciplinary severe asthma clinic (pulmonology, nutrition, nursing, respiratory therapy, sleep medicine)
Clinical trials for novel interventions available through National Institutes of Health-funded collaboratives and other sources
Collaboration with insurers and community resources to provide in-home environmental assessments and remediation
Member of the American Academy of Pediatrics Medical Home Chapter Champions Program for Asthma, Allergy, and Anaphylaxis (MHCCPAAA) Quality Improvement (QI) Project
Integrated inpatient and outpatient registry to track outcomes
Certified asthma educator RNs provide education
Around-the-clock telephone advice from certified asthma educator RNs or specialist physicians Pediatric Asthma Center