Diabetic Retinopathy

The National Health Interview Survey and the U.S. Census Bureau predict that the number of Americans with diabetic retinopathy will increase threefold by the year 2050.

Faced with this burgeoning crisis, all physicians and healthcare practitioners seeing diabetic patients need to be aware that most of the sight-threatening and sight-threatening complications of diabetic retinopathy are mostly preventable or more easily treated earlier in the disease course. This is why the annual diabetic eye examination has been selected as an important quality measure both for the practice of primary care medicine and eye care by commercial and federal payors.

The ophthalmologists and optometrists at the University Hospitals Eye Institute with locations throughout Northeast Ohio are dedicated to help you meet the needs of your diabetic patients by reminding you that we are available for diabetic retinopathy screening examinations, as well as their emergent needs.

To facilitate rapid communication of care given to your patients, we have adopted a form that can easily be placed in your medical records. Our Diabetic Retinopathy Report (Word.doc) serves as appropriate documentation for your service reimbursement needs. This rapid communication document is available to you via mail, scanned document email or fax, depending on your service preference.

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