Advanced Heart Failure & Transplant Center Offers Lifesaving Treatments for Heart Disease

The Advanced Heart Failure & Transplant Center at University Hospitals Harrington Heart & Vascular Institute in Cleveland, Ohio, provides lifesaving treatments for patients suffering from chronic and advanced heart disease and other challenging cardiovascular conditions.

The expertise of our nationally renowned team enables us to offer help and hope to many individuals, including the critically ill, the frail, the elderly and those who may be classified by other hospitals as “no option” patients.

Our comprehensive program is designed to successfully tailor highly specialized, advanced medical and surgical therapies to the unique needs of our patients. Such therapies include heart transplantation, ventricular assist devices (heart pumps), complex cardiac surgeries, resynchronization therapies and the latest investigational strategies available only in select medical centers nationwide. The ultimate goal of the Advanced Heart Failure & Transplant Center is to minimize symptoms, encourage healthy lifestyle behaviors and prevent hospital admissions.

Patient-Centered Approach Ensures Best Outcomes

Our center focuses on delivering a unique patient-centered approach for problems associated with heart failure, congestive heart failure and chronic heart failure, including:

  • Offering access to promising clinical trials and lifesaving treatments available only at select institutions nationwide
  • Developing individual care plans to significantly improve quality of life and outcomes
  • Promoting healing lifestyle changes with dietary counseling and exercise instruction
  • Offering the latest procedures and medications, including heart transplantation, unique medications for the treatment of diastolic heart failure, and the implantation of mechanical circulatory and ventricular assist devices (VAD), which may eliminate the need for a heart transplant

Our nationally recognized physicians and surgeons offer the latest and most effective therapies in the treatment of complex heart conditions, including those involving mechanical assist devices and transplants.

In addition, nurse clinicians at UH help patients make positive lifestyle changes through dietary counseling and intensive education about their condition and medications. This elite cardiovascular team is a leader in treating heart failure with physician-supervised exercise programs.

Advanced Diagnostic Testing

The Advanced Heart Failure & Transplant Center at UH Harrington Heart & Vascular Institute offers a comprehensive range of screening services, including:

Promising Technologies for Treating Heart Disease Include VAD Implantations

Our highly skilled team at UH Harrington Heart & Vascular Institute leads in the development and surgical implantation of mechanical circulatory and ventricular assist devices (VAD), a state-of-the-art technology for the treatment of chronic heart disease. We consider these tools to be a long-term therapy, not just a way to get through a rough period until a transplant or another treatment is available. Following implantation, many of our patients with these mechanical devices can return home and live normal, active lives.

Other specialized treatments include:

What to Expect at Your Appointment

Being an active partner in the care and management of your heart disease empowers you to improve your symptoms and positively affect your long-term health.

You’ll receive expert care and guidance from the physicians and nurse clinicians of the Advanced Heart Failure & Transplant Center team so you can carry on your disease management in your everyday routine at home.

Your tailored management program will cover nutrition, exercise, medication(s) and more. In fact, you can expect all of the following from the Advanced Heart Failure & Transplant Center:

  • A complete physical assessment by a heart failure specialist
  • A plan developed specifically for you by your medical team and yourself
  • Intensive education on managing your heart failure
  • Diet review and instruction on how to follow a low-sodium diet
  • Exercise testing and risk stratification
  • Exercise training and guidance
  • Complete medication review, including dosing, possible side effects and possible medication interactions
  • Help with financial application for medication assistance programs, if appropriate
  • Assistance with any disability application, if appropriate
  • Opportunities to participate in cutting-edge projects and research trials that may lead to improvements in heart failure care
  • Heart transplant and assist device evaluation, if appropriate