Nursing Research Study Title Date Study Completed Name(s) of University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center's Nurse PI, Co-PI, &/or Site PI for each study Credentials
Evaluation of Ultrasorbs AP in Populations at Risk of Skin Breakdown Requiring Moisture Management 8/1/2019 Garth Ireland MSN,RN, CNS,WOCN
Cardiac Monitoring usage following implementation of AHA Standards 7/30/2019 Jennifer Sullivan MSN, RN, ACNS-BC
The Impact of Participating in Quality Improvement on Nurse Engagement, Nursing Processes and Clinical Outcomes 1/2/2019 Jennifer Gonzalez MSN, APRN
CASE 2315, IRB 04-15-37C Building Family Caregiver Skills Using a Simulation-Based Intervention for Care of Patients with Head and Neck Cancer 11/8/2018 Susan Mazanec PhD, RN, AOCN
Determining the Relationship between Clinical Competence, Engagement and Critical Thinking 10/1/2018 Jennifer Kidd RN, MSN ,CNRN
Lateral Violence Prevention 5/31/2018 Christine Wyers MSN, RN, CNE
Cultivating Communication Skills in Novice Oncology Nurses: Program Evaluation of COMFORT Curriculum 4/11/2018 Ann Kolenic DNP,APRN,AOCNS
Retrospective Chart Review of the effect of Valproic Acid on perioperative blood loss in scoliosis surgery in children with cerebral palsy who receive Epsilon-Aminocaproic Feb 2018 Son-Hing/ Connie Poe-Kochert RN, BSN, APRN
The Baby Bed Box: An Innovative Strategic Pilot Study 12/1/2017 Paula Forsythe MSN, CNS
Factors Influencing Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant Patients Intention to Perform Physical Activity 11/1/2017 Samantha Kolke BSN, RN, BMTCN
IRB 10-15-27C Development & Implementation of a NP-Led Survivorship Clinic for Patients s/p Allogeneic Transplant 8/25/2017 Linda Baer & Lauren Brister Baer MSN NP; Brister MSN NP
A Retrospective Review of the Incidence of Instrumentation Removal Following Surgery for Spinal Deformity: A 22-Year Single Institution Study Aug 2017 Son-Hing / Poe-Kochert RN, BSN, APRN
CASE 6814, IRB 06-14-02C A Pilot Study of the Perceived Needs, Preparedness, and Emotinal Distress of Male Caregivers of Female Post-Surgical Gynecology/Oncology Patients 2/23/2017 Susan Mazanec; Dianne Reichlin Mazanec PhD, RN; Reichlin MSN
The impact of executive leadership on the satisfaction and engagement of direct care registered nurses in a women's and children's tertiary care center. 12/1/2016 Talisha Cunningham MSN,RN
Perceptions of Nurse Empowerment in Medical Surgical Services 12/1/2016 Cheryl O'Malley DNP,RN,
A Dyadic Intervention for Distress Management for Patients with Multiple Myeloma and their Family Caregivers: A Pilot Study 8/17/2016 Susan Mazanec PhD, RN, AOCN
Retrospective Review of Telemetry Usage on Two Non-ICU Oncology Divisions to Evaluate Possible Implementation of AHA Practice Standards for Telemetry 7/31/2016 Jennifer Sullivan MSN, RN, ACNS-BC