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Crystal Lantz-DeGeorge, MD

Crystal Lantz-DeGeorge, MD



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Internal Medicine

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UH Green Road - USHC
1611 S Green Rd
South Euclid, OH 44121

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  • Clinical Senior Instructor


  • Bariatric Medicine
  • Chronic Disease Management
  • Weight Loss
  • Women's Health

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Office Locations

UH Green Road - USHC

1611 S Green Rd
South Euclid OH, 44121

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UH Cleveland Medical Center

11100 Euclid Ave
Cleveland OH, 44106

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Patient Satisfaction Reviews

4.9 out of 5

462 Ratings

Patient Comments (122)

Reviewed On 3/30/2020
Dr. Lantz DeGeorge is the best doctor i ever had

Reviewed On 3/28/2020
This provider is our family doctor, and we absolutely love her.

Reviewed On 3/26/2020
Dr. Lantz is a very compassionate person. She spends ample time and explains everything until she knows you fully understand everything. She always greets you with a smile, no matter the time of day or how her day has gone. She shows how much she cares about her patients

Reviewed On 3/21/2020
Crystal Lantz-De George is my idea of the ideal physician: Extremely knowledgeable, smart, humane, efficient, warm, and appropriately humorous at just the right time.

Reviewed On 3/19/2020
dr. Lantz is a wonderful, calming person. She is a fine doctor for my needs.

Reviewed On 3/19/2020
excellent physician, extremely tentative to my well being. highly recommend to other individuals.

Reviewed On 3/18/2020

Reviewed On 3/18/2020
Dr. Lantz is outstanding. She treats you with concern and respect.

Reviewed On 3/3/2020
everything was what I expected.

Reviewed On 3/1/2020
amazing doctor!!

Reviewed On 2/29/2020
The dr. and receptionist were great. ***

Reviewed On 2/24/2020
Dr. Crystal Lantz-DeGeorge is an exceptional Doctor and human being. I am honored to be her patient.

Reviewed On 2/21/2020
Dr. Lantz is an excellent physician.

Reviewed On 2/18/2020
amazing doctor with an incredible staff

Reviewed On 2/10/2020
I consider Dr. Crystal Lantz-DeGeorge a gift from heaven. I am eternally grateful for her humane, thorough, and knowledgeable care!!!

Reviewed On 2/8/2020
Dr. Lantz is always cheerful and well informed.

Reviewed On 2/6/2020
EXCELLENT medical humane experience as always!

Reviewed On 2/3/2020
every patient should have a Dr like Dr Lantz

Reviewed On 1/27/2020
Dr. Lantz takes time to actually listen to me. She responds to all of my concerns. I honestly can't imaging a better primary care physician.

Reviewed On 1/21/2020
very very Good

Reviewed On 1/19/2020
I have a very good doctor, she's the best all doctors should be like her.

Reviewed On 1/16/2020
love her ... and I commented to quite a few people how fast and efficient all the services were for this visit!!!

Reviewed On 1/13/2020
Love her as my primary dr

Reviewed On 1/12/2020
I am happy with the provider and her system. One cannot expect a busy MD to be exactly on time and waiting 20 minutes is no big deal.

Reviewed On 1/3/2020
Dr Lantz is a good doctor. I came in for a yearly physical [...] I didn't feel like I had a physical just a rushed appointment. [...].

Reviewed On 1/2/2020
Dr. Lantz is OUTSTANDING !

Reviewed On 12/25/2019
Dr. Lantz is brilliant and helps ease my anxiety. She is willing to do research, refer when necessary, and is absolutely accessible.

Reviewed On 12/20/2019
care provider is great. [...]

Reviewed On 12/17/2019
excellent doctor. I hope she stays at UH for a long time.

Reviewed On 12/15/2019
Dr. Lantz is simply outstanding. Everything about my visits are a pleasure. Everyone in the office makes the experience great!

Reviewed On 12/11/2019
Very good - always a pleasure to see her and work with her.

Reviewed On 12/7/2019
Satisfied with my treatment.

Reviewed On 12/7/2019

Reviewed On 12/7/2019
great doctor as always

Reviewed On 12/5/2019
I feel very comfortable with Dr. Crystal Lantz. She really listens. Also, she included a personal note with my results from blood tests that were mailed to me promptly.

Reviewed On 12/3/2019
Dr. Lantz is excellent about making me feel at ease discussing health matters.

Reviewed On 11/29/2019
Absolute best provider which is why other family members see her also. [...]

Reviewed On 11/28/2019
I am super sold on my health care coming from Dr. Crystal Lantz-DeGeorge

Reviewed On 11/25/2019
Great experience.

Reviewed On 11/18/2019
Love this office!!

Reviewed On 11/16/2019
always have had a great experience with dr Lantz and her staff

Reviewed On 11/12/2019
I love Dr Lantz. She explains things and listens wonderfully.

Reviewed On 11/8/2019
Dr. Lantz DeGeorge is positively wonderful, and I would highly recommend her to anyone. She listens and makes eye contact throughout the exam time. [...]

Reviewed On 11/6/2019
She's' terrific. She always has her office follow up with test results.

Reviewed On 11/6/2019
Appointment was my yearly exam. Not because of any illness or concern. Few questions for the doctor, came away feeling good about my appointment, staff and doctor.

Reviewed On 11/1/2019
I had another excellent appointment with Dr. Lantz-DeGeorge! She was completely prepared for & focused on me during my October annual physical examination. She is efficient and thorough and will answer any and all questions and concerns. This is the third year I've been privileged to be her patient. She helped me through an uncomfortable shingles flair-up two summers ago. This year she reviewed a recent incident and made helpful recommendations. Overall my health is good and she continues to proactively prepare me for the challenges of my senior years! This outstanding doctor has indeed been a BLESSING My wife and I are thrilled to have her as our primary care physician! Thank-you Dr. Lantz!

Reviewed On 11/1/2019
I like Dr. Lantz very much [...]

Reviewed On 10/28/2019
love this doctor

Reviewed On 10/27/2019
As always, this was an excellent experience in every way. I feel MOST fortunate and honored to be Dr. Crystal Lantz de George's patient!

Reviewed On 10/22/2019
I am so glad to have found Dr. DeGeorge. Her positive and upbeat demeanor is such a welcome and pleasant aspect of my healthcare and her office is conveniently located nearby.

Reviewed On 10/21/2019
Dr. Lantz really listens. Also if a resident talks with me before Dr. Lantz comes in, they are very professional.

Reviewed On 10/20/2019
Care absolutely fantastic, top to bottom.

Reviewed On 10/18/2019
Dr. Lantz is a wonderful doctor. She listens carefully to what I say. She is very knowledgeable, kind and always professional. I feel like I can trust her and her advice. The medical assistants are also very professional yet kind and make you feel relaxed when they take vital signs and monitor before doctor's arrival. There is a very nice atmosphere/feeling in this office.

Reviewed On 10/17/2019
she is very empathic and attentive

Reviewed On 10/16/2019
Dr. Lantz always shows genuine respect, interest, and support. I have great confidence in her.

Reviewed On 10/13/2019
Love Dr. Lantz!

Reviewed On 10/12/2019
Dr. Lantz is an attentive, brilliant, caring professional. She listens and explains well. Easily my finest personal physician in the past 60 years.

Reviewed On 10/8/2019
One of the better doctors I've had over the years [...]. The MA for the doctor is very helpful.

Reviewed On 10/7/2019
the best physician I've ever had

Reviewed On 10/6/2019
excellent physician and person

Reviewed On 10/6/2019
Excellent provider, attentive and looks at you when talking to me which I appreciate.

Reviewed On 10/6/2019
She's responsive and listens well. She seems to know me well, both my health and my larger situation (age, family, etc.) [...]

Reviewed On 10/5/2019
I have recently moved to the Columbus area. Dr. Lantz is such an excellent physician that I will continue to come from [...] for her medical attention.

Reviewed On 10/3/2019
good care given to me

Reviewed On 9/30/2019
Dr. Lantz is an outstanding doctor who always is very caring and a great listener ! I am always impressed and grateful that she is my doctor. My health has improved because of her.

Reviewed On 9/29/2019
Always an excellent health care experience

Reviewed On 9/29/2019
Dr. Lantz is an outstanding physician. I feel comfortable expressing concerns. She has earned my high trust and respect.

Reviewed On 9/28/2019
Had helpful discussion with how to deal with a chronic health problem.

Reviewed On 9/27/2019
Excellent listener, compassionate and professional.

Reviewed On 9/24/2019
Dr. Lantz is always kind, caring, and engaged during visits and any communications. I feel very fortunate to have her as my PCP.

Reviewed On 9/19/2019

Reviewed On 9/15/2019
Dr Lantz is top notch, amazing. I am very pleased with Dr Lantz as my GP, very professional, super competent, personable, connected.

Reviewed On 9/14/2019
Excellent care provider

Reviewed On 9/10/2019
Dr. Crystal Lantz-DeGeorge is very easy to talk to. I feel I can tell her anything and that is very important in a health care provider.

Reviewed On 9/9/2019
Love my doctor. Listens to all my concerns and is very thorough with the exam. I feel comfortable talking to her about anything.

Reviewed On 9/9/2019
Very positive and encouraging. Listens well.

Reviewed On 9/6/2019
Dr. Lantz is a tremendous Doctor

Reviewed On 9/6/2019
Dr Lantz is an outstanding doctor. I especially appreciate her caring and positive attitude about my progress with my diabetic care. She is the best doctor I have ever had.

Reviewed On 9/6/2019
[...] Dr. Lantz is great -personable and relatable!

Reviewed On 9/5/2019
Very good experience. Did not feel at all rushed.

Reviewed On 9/4/2019
good experience

Reviewed On 9/3/2019
Dr. Lantz is an amazing care provider. She takes the time to listen and give advice and makes the experience very comfortable.

Reviewed On 9/1/2019
Dr. Lantz is always available. She has an amazing ability to make you feel comfortable, heard, and known. I have recommended her to several people. I trust her. I enjoy catching up with her, and she always makes time for relationship building.

Reviewed On 9/1/2019
Dr. Crystal Lantz-DeGeorge is amazing. She actively listens, involves me in my plan of care, she has empathy, and she can make me laugh when appropriate or give condolences as was needed at this visit. I love her.

Reviewed On 8/23/2019
Good experience/ I am respected as a person and feel whatever I have to say means something, I felt supported in this stage of being a Senior Citizen

Reviewed On 8/18/2019
This Dr. is generally on time and very well prepared, clearly having reviewed my chart in advance. [...]

Reviewed On 8/18/2019
Dr. Crystal Lantz is God's gift to this patient. I am eternally grateful to her for sharing with me so generously her vast knowledge, sensitivity, humanity, energy, and respectful good humor.

Reviewed On 8/16/2019
Dr. Crystal doctor I ever had.

Reviewed On 8/15/2019
dr lantz is a gem

Reviewed On 8/14/2019
Dr. Lantz is a caring and compassionate doctor. She takes plenty of time and seems genuinely concerned about my health. She explains things in a way that does not cause me to panic or create anxiety. At 59 years old, she is truly the best PCP I've ever had.

Reviewed On 8/14/2019
She was very good and it was the first time I saw her as my other internist retired.

Reviewed On 8/12/2019
good experience

Reviewed On 8/12/2019
Dr. Lantz really knows her stuff. She is always either able to answer my questions immediately or knows where to look to find the answers.

Reviewed On 8/12/2019
appointments with Dr Lantz are always calm and informative. She is always attentive and willing to listen

Reviewed On 8/11/2019
I had a good visit with my doctor.

Reviewed On 8/6/2019

Reviewed On 8/2/2019
Good Experience!

Reviewed On 7/31/2019
Dr. Lantz is an excellent provider. I also have a great respect for her as an instructor. I have worked in education in the medical field and never mind having a resident or advanced practice nurse following her.

Reviewed On 7/30/2019
I love my doctor dr. Crystal Lantz degeorge

Reviewed On 7/30/2019
Dr Lantz is personable, positive, thorough and knowledgeable about my health history even though I've only seen her once a year for the last three years .

Reviewed On 7/28/2019
Dr. Lantz is God's gift to her patients and the practice of medicine in general. I am a very fortunate man and extremely grateful to be in her benevolent care.

Reviewed On 7/28/2019
She was friendly and thorough. she spent a lot of time with me.

Reviewed On 7/27/2019
I have great respect for Dr. Crystal. She is very positive and up lifting.

Reviewed On 7/24/2019
I waited in the exam room for over and hour after my appointment time but the doctor did apologize for the wait and answered all of my questions.

Reviewed On 7/9/2019
Always, a very positive experience. Dr. Lanz is an excellent doctor. I am completely satisfied with my care.

Reviewed On 7/9/2019
Dr. Lantz is a great doctor. She listens to everything I ask her. She makes me feel very comfortable talking to her and asking questions. She discusses my health in detail and gives me great advice.

Reviewed On 7/8/2019
Doctor Lantz listened and was helpful regarding my health. she made me feel I mattered. she did not rush me. I am very happy to have her as my doctor.

Reviewed On 7/8/2019
Dr Lantz is a good listener and very upbeat and positive

Reviewed On 7/8/2019
excellent provider

Reviewed On 7/4/2019
I think she is fabulous. I totally trust her.

Reviewed On 7/3/2019
Dr. Lantz-DeGeorge is outstanding. Asks questions in a non threatening manner and makes sure you understand what you need to know. She or her staff follow up after a visit with a call giving the results of the various test ordered.

Reviewed On 6/26/2019
respectful caring and knowledgeable

Reviewed On 6/25/2019
Incredible doctor and staff!!! I am a VERY fortunate patient!!!

Reviewed On 6/23/2019
[…] Dr. Lantz-DeGeorge is knowledgeable and listens to her patient.

Reviewed On 6/21/2019
I always have a good experience when I'm with Dr. Lantz . She is one of the best doctors I have ever had.

Reviewed On 6/21/2019
everything was just fine

Reviewed On 6/17/2019
Overall, great experience. Dr. Lantz is very polished. She sets a good example for us to follow. […]

Reviewed On 6/17/2019
Love Dr. Lantz. So kind, compassionate, and most of all treats you like a person, not a number.

Reviewed On 6/14/2019
awesome provider

Reviewed On 6/12/2019
Usually is a wait. But well worth the wait. Dr. Lantz is such a knowledgeable MD.

Reviewed On 6/3/2019
My overall experience with my provider was what I expected Dr Crystal L DeGeorge is very caring very professional about what she do and I appreciate her so much for having a listening ear when I'm feeling down she is a wonderful doctor

Reviewed On 5/31/2019
I love Dr. Lantz and will continue seeing her for my medical health needs. [...] everything was wonderful!


Residency | Internal Medicine/Chief Resident
Internal Medicine/Chief Resident - Uh Case Medical Center (2013 - 2014)

Residency | Internal Medicine
Internal Medicine - Uh Case Medical Center (2010 - 2013)

Medical Education
Wright State University Boonshoft School Of Medicine (2010)

The Ohio State University (2006)

Industry Relationships

University Hospitals is committed to transparency in our interactions with industry partners, such as pharmaceutical, biotech, or medical device companies. At UH, we disclose practitioner and their family members’ ownership and intellectual property rights that are or in the process of being commercialized. In addition, we disclose payments to employed practitioners of $5,000 or more from companies with which the practitioners interact as part of their professional activities. These practitioner-industry relationships assist in developing new drugs, devices and therapies and in providing medical education aimed at improving quality of care and enhancing clinical outcomes. At the same time, UH understands that these relationships may create a conflict of interest. In providing this information, UH desires to assist patients in talking with their practitioners about industry relationships and how those relationships may impact their medical care.

UH practitioners seek advance approval for certain new industry relationships. In addition, practitioners report their industry relationships and activities, as well as those of their immediate family members, to the UH Office of Outside Interests annually. We review these reports and implement management plans, as appropriate, to address conflicts of interest that may arise in connection with medical research, clinical care and purchasing decisions.

View UH’s policy (PDF) on practitioner-industry relationships.

As of December 31, 2016, Crystal Lantz-DeGeorge did not disclose any Outside Relationships with Industry.

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