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Person Getting an Arm Splint

Living Pain-Free With Arthritis: Is It Possible?

Combined with other treatment methods, occupational and physical therapy make it possible for many people with arthritis to live pain-free.

Older man enjoying a bowl of soup

How Touch, Taste & Smell Change with Age

Most people know that glasses or hearing aids may be necessary as they get older. But do the other three senses - touch, taste and smell - change over time?

Senior man using a computer

Is "Male Menopause" Real?

Associated with physical and emotional changes, menopause is when a woman's menstruation permanently stops. But can men experience a similar change as they age?

A cardiologist holds a model heart

How Heart Disease Is Different After Menopause

A woman’s risk for cardiovascular disease – including heart attack and stroke – increases significantly after menopause.

A woman, stationary on a crosswalk as people move past her, looking down to her smartphone

Why Does Time Fly as You Age?

The passage of time is directly related to quality of life. A life filled with variety and new experiences affects your mood and your personal well-being.

Illustration of the unicellular fungus (yeast) Candida auris

What You Need to Know About Emerging Fungal Infections

Infections are on the rise, but health experts agree they’re not a threat to the public. Learn how vulnerable people can stay safe.

Older woman looking away from her breakfast

Eating Disorders: A Growing Concern for Women in Midlife

Disordered eating behaviors in older women are quite common but are frequently under-recognized. Untreated, they can lead to serious health consequences.

An older man holding his left ear

All Ears: How to Take Care of Your Hearing

We often take our ears for granted, but they’re delicate organs that can develop a multitude of problems, some of which can lead to hearing loss.

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