Health Scholars Internship Program

Internship Opportunities for Minority Students Interested in a Career in Medicine

Health Scholars Internship Program
Health Scholars visiting the Cleveland Museum of Natural History during summer program, July 2017.

Health Scholars are aspiring physicians nurtured with the thoughtful support of University Hospitals and its partners.

UH Health Scholars Program is a continuous five-year program established to recruit underrepresented, minoritized students into the medical field. Through year-round participation, the purpose is to guide committed Cleveland area students in their pursuit of a career in medicine.

Health Scholars receive support for achieving success in middle and high school, guidance in applying to college, and eventual help for enrolling in medical school with the ultimate goal of becoming physicians, practicing in the Cleveland area where they grew up.

Scholars learn:

  • Approaches to problem solving, critical thinking, executive functioning, and social and emotional skills necessary for success
  • Themes linking health to their school science courses
  • Current events and medicine
  • Best practices and strategies to address social determinants of health
  • Standardized testing skills and prep
  • Writing support

Scholars also engage in:

  • Shadowing physicians
  • Creating community health projects
  • Science Fair
  • Field trips
  • Labs
  • Creative writing opportunities
  • Journal and book clubs

Apply for the 2019-2020 Health Scholars Program

apply Now: 8th Grade

apply now: 11th grade

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