Stroke and Vascular

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Graduate Joshua Miller with his family

From Near-Fatal Brain Bleed to High School Graduation – A Survivor’s Story

Pediatric neurosurgeons at UH Rainbow help a high school senior recover from a life-threatening brain hemorrhage and look forward to the future.

Sudden Vision Loss is the First Sign of Stroke for 36-Year-Old Man

When Daryl Lawson suddenly lost his vision, his wife immediately drove him to the nearest ER. There, he was diagnosed with a stroke and transferred to University Hospitals for expert treatment.

A smiling Erin Vickers

Early Recognition of Stroke Symptoms and Fast Action are Key to Positive Outcomes

Stroke can strike at any age. Learn more about how family members recognized stroke symptoms in 31-year-old Erin and 72-year-old David and quickly got them the expert care they needed.

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