Women's behavioral health

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When Worrying About Your New Baby Becomes a Sign of Postpartum Anxiety

When you have a baby, it is normal to worry about the health and safety of your newborn. But when worrying thoughts become intrusive or difficult to control, it may be a sign of an anxiety disorder.

A young woman breastfeeds her infant son as her husband smiles at the baby

Sex After Birth: Resuming Sexual Intimacy After Having a Baby

After giving birth, there are many physical, emotional and psychological factors contributing to when a woman feels ready to resume sexual activity with her partner.

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Dealing with the Physical and Emotional Symptoms of Perimenopause

Perimenopause is the transitional period of time between a woman’s reproductive years and menopause. It is marked by both physical and emotional symptoms such as hot flashes, irritability, insomnia and brain fog.

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