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tennis player clutching elbow

Tennis Elbow: The Arm Pain That’s Not Just For Tennis Players

The hallmark symptom of tennis elbow is soreness on the outside of the elbow. When you find it challenging to perform daily activities, it’s time to seek treatment.

young woman runner stretches her back

A Runner’s Guide To Lower Back Pain

Low back pain is very common, with nearly 80 percent of the population experiencing it at some point in their lives. It’s not uncommon for runners to experience low back pain as well, but for their own unique reasons.

therapist places cups on patient's back

Dry Cupping Therapy: Does It Really Help?

While more scientific research is needed to quantify the positive, neutral or negative effects of cupping, it remains a treatment that many physical therapists use because, for some patients, it seems to get results.

using an ipad  to record man on treadmill

How To Perfect Your Running Form, Avoid Injury and Improve Your Time

A gait analysis may be beneficial for those who enjoy running as a recreational activity, or for athletes looking to optimize their performance following an injury

youth athletes and sports drinks

Do Sports Drinks and Foods Improve Athletic Performance for Kids?

Building skills, strength and endurance are all part of the picture. So is eating right. But is there a place in a young athlete’s toolkit for special food and beverages specifically aimed at enhancing athletic performance and recovery?

home gym

Best Ideas for Setting Up a Home Gym -- And Using It

It is easy to buy into the TV ads that show you amazing products and amazing actors that get great results. It is also amazing how much you can spend on products that end up becoming clothes racks or dust collectors.

ankle sprains

What To Do If You Sprain Your Ankle

While some people will require supervised medical management, many can improve through conservative treatment and following activity guidelines as soon as they are injured.

cold weather exercise

How To Keep Exercising Outdoors During the Winter Months

You can still keep exercising even when temperatures fall. Enjoying the outdoors through exercise is good for your body and can improve your mood too.

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