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Tired young man in bed closing his eyes before waking up

Here’s Why Permanent Daylight Savings Time Is a Bad Idea

Is year-round daylight savings time the answer? Many doctors and other health experts have voiced opposition to a bill passed by the U.S. Senate that would make daylight savings time permanent. The better option would be permanent standard time.

Mother talking with her child before bedtime, smiling

How to Stop Having Bedtime Battles With Your Toddler

Does your toddler never stall at bedtime? And does she always go to sleep immediately after you tuck her in and say goodnight? If you answered “yes” to these questions, congratulations. This article is for the rest of us.

Boy yawning in school

Spring Forward for Kids and Teens: Adjusting to the Time Change

With daylight saving time, we spring ahead – but losing an hour of sleep can cause problems for both parents and children. Learn how you can help ease the transition.

A middle-aged caucasian man sleeping peacefully in bed with his CPAP machine providing therapy for his sleep apnea

Beyond CPAP

CPAP has been the mainstay therapy to treat obstructive sleep apnea since the 1980s, yet technological innovations in recent years have spawned many more treatment options for sleep apnea.

little boy sleeping on his side with mouth open

Why Young Children Snore -- and When To Worry

In many cases, childhood snoring is no cause for concern. But snoring can sometimes be the sign of obstructive sleep apnea, a sleep disorder that can cause medical problems if not treated.

child lying in bed with teddy bear rubbing eyes

How To Know If Your Child Is Getting Enough Sleep

What your kids do during the night has a huge impact on their daily lives. Sleep plays a key role in mental, physical and emotional health, from infancy through the teen years and beyond.

woman in bed yawning with hand to forehead

Want To Lower Your Blood Pressure? Get Better Sleep

Everyone knows that a poor night of sleep can mean a groggy morning, a fuzzy brain or feeling sluggish throughout the day. However, the long-term consequences of lack of sleep or disrupted sleep can be more serious.

man fast asleep on his side with hands folded under his head

How To Know If You're Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

While busy lives and stress often get in the way of a good night’s sleep, we are empowered to figure out the best personal sleep habits for better health.

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