Parkinson's Disease

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Elderly man signing medical papers at the doctor's office

What Your Handwriting May Say About Your Health

If you're having trouble signing on the dotted line, or you've noticed a change in your handwriting, it may signal more than just sloppy writing. It could indicate a neurological or muscular problem. “When someone’s handwriting changes and...

Provider studying diagram of the human brain

Research Provides New Hope for the Treatment of Patients with Neuropsychiatric Diseases

Research to understand and treat brain disease is painstaking, complicated and highly specialized work. But new treatments and possibly even cures for the brain diseases could be a reality sooner than ever thought possible.

Older man undergoing Deep Brain Stimulation tests

How You Can Control Parkinson’s Disease Symptoms With Deep Brain Stimulation

There is no cure for Parkinson's disease, but there is a way to control the tremors, shaky hands and other symptoms through a procedure called deep brain stimulation.

Greg and Crystal Grindely

His Brain Was on National TV

A patient with early onset Parkinson’s disease, received deep brain stimulation surgery at University Hospitals, which enabled him to resume his life and return to the activities he loves.

Why Do We Have Nightmares?

Why Do We Have Nightmares?

Vivid, scary dreams can leave you feeling shaken, but usually they aren't dangerous. Learn about when it's time to talk to your doctor about your nightmares.

I Have the Shakes

Shaky Hands: Is It a Sign of Parkinson's Disease?

Everyone slows down a little bit as they get older, but how do you know when your shaky hands or stiff muscles cross the line into a movement disorder such as Parkinson's disease or essential tremor?

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