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girl soccer player

How Parents Can Help Their Young Athletes Avoid Burnout, Overuse Injuries

With increasing pressure on kids and parents to participate in club, travel or year-round teams, burnout and overuse injuries are getting more common in younger athletes. What parents can do.

kid pitcher

Why Parents Should Track Their Young Athlete's Pitch Count

Most youth baseball coaches are not following established sports medicine guidelines when it comes to counting pitches for their players, according to a recent study from University Hospitals Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital.

Two boys embracing and laughing hard outdoors

New Treatment for Childhood Scoliosis Helps Kids Avoid Repeat Surgeries

A new version of a treatment for the curving of the backbone called early-onset scoliosis can help some very young kids avoid repeat surgeries.

Woman being treated for knee injury

How A Unique Approach Can Treat -- and Prevent -- Knee Ligament Injuries

Once considered an adults-only injury, anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tears are being seen increasingly in young athletes, some as young as 10. Learn about a unique, three-pronged approach to treat and prevent ACL tears.

Woman and man doing one-armed push-ups

How Stem Cells Can Help Sports-Related Injuries

If you've suffered a sports-related injury, you may be a candidate to undergo stem cell therapy or platelet-rich plasma therapy, just like pitcher Bartolo Colon, golfer Tiger Woods and tennis player Rafael Nadal.

Men and women in exercise group

Tabata and Other High-Intensity Exercise Regimens: Are They For You?

Tabata and other types of high-intensity interval training are intended to push your body to its limits. Is this kind of exercise for everyone? Learn more.

Older woman cringing from back pain

5 Signs of Osteoporosis

One in two women and up to one in four men will break a bone in their lifetime as the result of osteoporosis. Find out if you are at increased risk for this bone-weakening condition.

Functional Training vs. Traditional Strength Training

Functional Training vs. Traditional Strength Training

Most athletes understand the importance of building muscle strength, but may not know that adding functional training to their workout can enhance performance on the track, links or gridiron. Learn more about functional training.

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