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Smiling adult couple walking their dog on a pathway between grown trees on a sunny summer day

Is Walking Good Enough Exercise?

Is walking good enough exercise? The short answer is yes.

woman runner throws a shadow as she hunches over on her knees

Top 4 Tips For Exercising In the Heat

Everyone who has exercised in hot, humid conditions knows it feels harder to perform. Besides affecting performance, exercising in the heat increases the risk of serious illnesses such as heat illness, heat exhaustion, or heat stroke.

woman pushing weight laden sled at the gym

How Endurance Sports Medicine Can Help You Reach the Finish Line

Successful endurance athletes pay attention to nutrition, biomechanics, mental preparation and injury prevention. As endurance sports become more popular, athletes increasingly are turning to medical specialists to stay healthy and perform their best

Hands tying running shoes

How To Choose the Right Shoe For Running

Choosing the right running shoe is important to prevent injuries. Footwear that is properly fitted can provide protection from overuse injuries, help an athlete avoid blisters and allow a more enjoyable running experience.

using an ipad  to record man on treadmill

How To Perfect Your Running Form, Avoid Injury and Improve Your Time

A gait analysis may be beneficial for those who enjoy running as a recreational activity, or for athletes looking to optimize their performance following an injury

youth athletes and sports drinks

Do Sports Drinks and Foods Improve Athletic Performance for Kids?

Building skills, strength and endurance are all part of the picture. So is eating right. But is there a place in a young athlete’s toolkit for special food and beverages specifically aimed at enhancing athletic performance and recovery?

cold weather exercise

How To Keep Exercising Outdoors During the Winter Months

You can still keep exercising even when temperatures fall. Enjoying the outdoors through exercise is good for your body and can improve your mood too.

shin splints and stress fractures

Shin Splints or a Stress Fracture? How To Tell

Whether your shin pain is due to shin splints or a stress fracture, it’s important not to keep training the same way through either injury. Learn what you can do to heal and avoid making the injury worse or getting it again later.

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