Cardiac Arrest

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A senior man holds his chest in pain

Sudden Cardiac Arrest vs Heart Attack

People often confuse heart attack and cardiac arrest. A heart attack can sometimes trigger sudden cardiac arrest, but most do not.

Raheem Stanfield stands outside SoFi Stadium

Browns Player with Heart for Cardiac Patients Sends Survivor to Super Bowl

Raheem Stanfield had no idea going into cardiac arrest would be his ticket to the Super Bowl, but that’s exactly how his story unfolded.

Dr. O'Shaughnessy and Cheryl Ryan.

Four Years Post-Heart Attack and Still Going Strong

Grateful for the care she received, a woman recalls the frightening event that almost took her life.

Jason Korber stands outside his house

Cardiac Arrest Survivor Emerges From Cooling Therapy Without Neurological Effects

Doctors had no idea how many minutes Jason Korber was dead before family attempts at CPR and an ambulance brought him to the ER. Doctors plunged him into therapeutic hypothermia to give him a chance of regaining consciousness.

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