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Amy and her three boys

Torn ACL Threatens to Take Busy Mom Out of the Game

When Amy – runner, soccer coach and mom to three boys – experienced a complete tear of her left ACL, the orthopedic experts at UH worked around her busy schedule to get her up and running again.

Meechie Johnson, Jr. on the court

High School Basketball Player’s Journey Through Difficult Injury Ends in Success

Meechie Johnson, Jr., injured his knee during playoffs for the Garfield Heights High School team in his sophomore year. As a top 30 player in the country and the No. 3 point guard, much was at stake.

India on the field

Torn ACL Threatens to Take Young Athlete Out of the Game

A mid-air collision during a soccer game left high school athlete India with a game-stopping torn ACL. Learn how orthopedic surgeon, James Voos, MD, got her back in the game, pain-free.

Avid skier Mayra Gonzalez holds a banner

Skier Keeps Commitment to Ironman Event After ACL Injury

When avid skier Mayra Gonzalez took a spill on the ski slopes of the French Alps, she knew right away her knee was severely injured. Her thoughts almost immediately turned to the Ironman race she signed up for.

Competitive gymnast Ravenna Bala

High School Gymnast Benefits From Personalized Care for Torn ACL

When high school gymnast, Ravenna Bala, experienced a partial ACL tear, she turned to the experts at University Hospitals for personalized care and achieved the best possible outcome.

Skanda Moorthy on the soccer pitch

UH Sports Medicine Experts Design a Personalized Plan to Repair a Torn ACL

When high school soccer player, Skanda Moorthy, tore his ACL, UH sports medicine experts used a personalized combination of surgery and physical therapy to get him back in the game.

University Hospitals

Hockey captain skates back to strength after knee injury

When Lake Erie Monsters team captain, Bryan Lerg, ruptured his ACL during a game, surgical reconstruction of the ligament followed by intense physical therapy allowed him to return to the ice.

University Hospitals

After ACL Surgery, These Young Female Athletes Return to Action

ACL tears are common in athletes, both women and men. Learn more about how five young women with torn anterior cruciate ligaments (ACLs), were treated at UH and returned to their respective sports, better than ever.

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