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Some Simple Tools To Knock Back Stress

Yes, we are into the New Year, but let’s trade the word "resolutions" for another word starting with an “R” – a much more upbeat and soothing word.

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Need Motivation To Move? Think About Your Future Self

When we think about longevity, we certainly don’t mean we want many years of living with illness and infirmity. We want to live as long as possible as mobile, independent people with full health.

female doctor listens with stethoscope to male patients back

Prevent Avoidable Chronic Conditions and Disease with an Annual Wellness Visit

We know at which age a person’s likelihood of disease goes dramatically up. That's why preventive screenings are suggested beginning at a certain age, depending on your gender and the illness – medical evidence shows precisely when that is.

female doctor with laptop in mask talking with older male patient in mask

The Emergency Room Often Is Not the Right Place To Go

Half of people who go to the emergency room could be cared for in an ambulatory setting, while 25 percent could be cared for by primary care. This wastes hours of your time and needlessly costs you money.

woman reading labels on yogurt containers at the grocery store

Don't Let Excess Sugar Sneak Into Your Diet

When it comes to ingredients in our food, it's hard to find one as stealthy as sugar.

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Easy Ways To Add Flavorful Veggies To Your Meals

To many people, adding vegetables seems like a chore. The fact is, nearly all of us need to up our vegetable intake. That does not need to be complicated.

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You Can Change Your Habits: Here's How To Do It

So many of us want to change our habits to get healthier. Will we achieve our goals? Some people will, some won't. Here's how you can tell which group you'll fall into.

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