Linda K. Arena Endowed Scholarship Award

Arena Family sisters

Jennifer Krahe, Stefanie Arena and Natalie Parke

When Linda Arena passed away from lung cancer in 2002, she left a lasting legacy of love and compassion for her tight-knit family. She was a doting mother, loving wife, dedicated school teacher and church volunteer who made the people in her life feel special. 

To honor her life and keep her name alive, daughters Jennifer Krahe, Stefanie Arena and Natalie Parke established the Linda K. Arena Endowed Scholarship Award for Lung Cancer Education at University Hospitals. Each year, the endowment provides funding to a nurse or physician to obtain advanced training in lung cancer prevention and treatment. 

Linda Arena was among the tens of thousands of nonsmokers who develop lung cancer every year. She received expert and compassionate care at Lake Health University Hospitals Seidman Cancer Center. “Mom always talked about the amazing nurses and how well they treated her,” says Jennifer. 

After their mother’s death, the sisters began fundraising for various cancer-related charities, but their real desire was to focus on lung cancer. That’s when they came up with the idea for a named endowment. “I like that our mom’s name is out there to tell her story,” says Stefanie. Adds Natalie, “She would be proud of us for helping others.” 

“The best part about the endowment,” says Jennifer, “is that it will help patients and physicians in the battle against lung cancer for years to come.”

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