Lee Family

The Lee Family

Pregnant at 24 weeks with twin boys, Sara discovered she was in labor and the heart rate of one of the boys had dropped, putting both babies in distress.

Sara underwent an emergency C-section at UH MacDonald Women’s Hospital. Shortly thereafter, Everett and Emmett were born. Weighing less than two pounds each, the boys were immediately transferred to the Quentin & Elisabeth Alexander Level IIIc Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at UH Rainbow Babies and Children’s.

Initially, Sara and her husband Scott were encouraged by how well their boys were doing. Ten days in however, everything changed as the twins began to develop a host of medical problems. “I remember a nurse telling me that preemies often hit the ground running, but that it can become a roller coaster ride after that,” recalled Sara. "Boy was she right!"

Over the next seven months, Everett and Emmett fought more than their fair share of battles. From holes in their tiny hearts to underdeveloped lungs, they struggled through the onslaught of complications that often accompany premature birth.

Back and forth, like a pendulum, they experienced complex health issues, including a grade 3 hemorrhage on the brain, a failing digestive system, bacterial meningitis and pneumonia. Between them, Everett and Emmett underwent 10 surgeries. “

Being born as early as they were, Everett and Emmett had about a two-third chance of survival,” explained Krystal Tomei, MD, MPH, pediatric neurosurgeon and Reinberger Endowed Director in Pediatric Neurological Surgery at UH Rainbow Babies & Children’s. “They’ve come a long way and we were with them every step of the way. They have a family of physicians here at Rainbow that will remain with them throughout this journey.”

In May, the twins celebrated their first birthday. They still have many visits to Rainbow in their future, but Sara and Scott are hopeful that the family’s roller coaster ride will level out. “I know the boys may face some challenges ahead,” said Sara. “But I am confident that the doctors here at Rainbow will know what to do and give them the best care possible. Their future is bright.”