Harrington Family Invests in Breakthrough Discoveries at UH

The Harrington Family

“We are very excited to support the UH Harrington Project for Discovery & Development in what we see as a national model that will bring new drugs to the market to help patients with heart disease, cancer and other health conditions. Humbly, our family became students of heart disease after I was unexpectedly diagnosed. During the process, we marveled at how physician-scientists play a pivotal role in advancing discovery. Yet they face many obstacles throughout the process.

We have three hopes for this awe-inspiring opportunity: We'd like to assure physician-scientists that their discoveries are carried further along to completion. Secondly, we would like to create in the Cleveland business community an investment into the healthcare arena. And last, but not least, is to save lives.”

- Ronald G. Harrington

Through an extraordinary gift of $50 million, the Harrington family, of Hudson, Ohio, is taking on a global challenge: accelerating the discovery and development of medical breakthroughs. The family gift was made by Ron and Nancy Harrington, their daughter, Jill, and son and daughter-in-law, Ron and Lydia.

Learn more about the Harrington family in the summer 2012 issue of Legacy magazine, or about the UH Harrington Discovery Institute at this website.

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