Investing in Innovation

Burton D. Morgan Foundation based in Hudson, Ohio recently awarded a $200,000 grant to the Harrington Discovery Institute at University Hospitals. This support will help inventive physician-scientist teams turn their discoveries into entrepreneurial ventures aimed at developing new medicines. 

Through its Innovation Support Center, the Harrington Discovery Institute connects medical researchers with a wide range of industry experts in drug development and business strategy. By strengthening these resources, Burton D. Morgan Foundation’s investment will help foster entrepreneurship, advance medical progress and further establish Northeast Ohio as a hub of biomedical innovation.

“We support entrepreneurship across the Northeast Ohio region,” said Deborah Hoover, President and Chief Executive Officer of Burton D. Morgan Foundation. “We have promoted initiatives that advance biomedical innovation in our region for a long time. The idea of helping physician-scientists become more comfortable with the drug commercialization process appealed to us and our emphasis on regional economic vitality.”

Learn how the Harrington Discovery Institute has helped physician-scientists accelerate drug development and launch new companies to strengthen our region.