Healing Space

Kristina Arthur, UH Horticulturalist

UH Horticulturalist Kristina Arthur

UH Horticulturalist Kristina Arthur helps patients and families reconnect with nature. Her “classroom” is Angie’s Garden, an outdoor garden at the Angie Fowler Adolescent & Young Adult Cancer Institute at Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital. It will be joined soon by the Horticultural Therapy Suite, an indoor space within Angie’s Garden. 

Open year-round, the Horticultural Therapy Suite will enhance Angie’s Garden and provide young patients with a place to enjoy gardening and plant-based activities for exercise, relaxation and stress reduction. Patients can work with plants, soil and seeds as they dig into nature.

“I see the horticultural therapy suite as a place of exploration, learning, growth and relaxation,” Arthur said. “It will invite visitors to take a step away from the day to day life of visiting and living in the hospital. 

“The garden reminds patients that there is a world outside the hospital, and hopefully it inspires them to want to explore and experience it again.”

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