The Maxwell Holt Story

“The care our son, Maxwell, received at Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital was exceptional. The kindness and compassion of the physicians and staff went beyond anything we had expected. Thank you.”

– Andrea Clark Holt & George Holt
Parents of Maxwell Holt

In August of 2012, three-year-old Maxwell Holt was diagnosed with a childhood seizure disorder after experiencing a series of unexplained and very frightening seizures. “Our very healthy baby was suddenly struggling with a disorder that is often misunderstood and plagued with negative stereotypes,” said Andrea Clark Holt, Maxwell’s mother. “As parents, we felt a great deal of fear and anxiety. But most of all, we felt helpless.”

Andrea and her husband, George Holt, Maxwell’s father, called the Early Onset Seizure Clinic at Rainbow, which is led by Ingrid Tuxhorn, MD. According to the Holts, the clinic staff met their concerns with warmth, understanding and a comprehensive knowledge of seizure disorders and treatment plans that they found comforting. 

After being admitted to Rainbow, where he was evaluated and definitively diagnosed with the disorder, Maxwell was placed on a regimen of anti-seizure medications and eventually was able to go home with his mom and dad, “The floor of our life had seemingly dropped from beneath us,” George Holt said. “We were struggling to regain our footing. But Dr. Tuxhorn, her colleague, Dr. Elia Pestana-Knight, and their staff surrounded us with care, understanding, empathy and knowledge. We never expected to receive such care and concern, but we did.”

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