Volunteer Leaders

University Hospitals is grateful to the many volunteer leaders who serve on our boards, leadership councils and committees. They serve as ambassadors, informed advocates, strategic advisors and resources for University Hospitals. We are honored to recognize the following leaders for their distinguished service:

UH Volunteer Leadership Committee
Enid B. Rosenberg, Chair
Kathleen A. Coleman, Vice Chair
Robert S. Reitman, Vice Chair

UH Ahuja Medical Center Leadership Council
Fran E. Doris, Co-Chair

UH Connor Integrative Health Network Leadership Council
Rand Curtiss, Chair

Diamond Advisory Group
Jim Goldsmith, Esq, Chair

UH Digestive Health & Surgical Innovation Leadership Council
Angela Connelly-Prada, Co-Chair
Joseph C. Prada, Co-Chair

UH Ear, Nose & Throat Leadership Council
Richard W. Pogue, Chair

UH Eye Institute
Marshall L. Goldman, Co-Chair
Henry L. Meyer III, Co-Chair

UH Geauga Medical Center Leadership Council
Richard J. Frenchie, Co-Chair
Tracy Jemison, Co-Chair

UH Harrington Heart & Vascular Institute Leadership Council

UH MacDonald Women’s Health Leadership Council
Barbara P. Ruhlman, Co-Chair
Joan Ainsworth, Co-Chair

UH National Art Leadership Council
Lawrence Singerman, MD, Co-Chair
Margaret Singerman, Co-Chair
Stacy Singerman, Co-Chair

UH Neurological Institute Leadership Council
Sheila A. Wyse, Chair

UH Department of Orthopedics Leadership Council
Jack Herrick, Chair

Partnership for Families Advisory Board
Jill F. Helfman, Chair

Rainbow Babies & Children's Foundation
Terri A Kennedy, President

UH Seidman Cancer Leadership Council
Kathleen A. Coleman, Co-Chair
James W. Wert, Co-Chair

St. John Medical Center Leadership Council
Gary A. Ebert, Esq., Chair
F.E. “Rick” Taylor, Chair-Elect

For more information, please contact Kate Lewis in UH Institutional Relations & Development at 216-844-5866 or Katherine.Lewis@UHhospitals.org.

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