Meet Miracle Story Isaiah



Isaiah’s family is grateful for the excellent care he has always received at Rainbow.

Thirteen year’s ago Isaiah was born with a life-threatening congenital heart defect. He had three holes in his heart and a double aortic arch. If it went undetected, the defect would have lead to Isaiah suffocating. Earlier this year, Isaiah’s life was once again in the hands of Rainbow’s medical team when he was transported via ambulance to Rainbow’s Emergency Department after being hit by a car and suffered from multiple injuries.


At four months of age, Rainbow doctors successfully performed life-saving surgery to repair his young heart. Before being discharged, Isaiah had to undergo a stress test to make sure his heart could handle the car ride home.
After the hit-and-run accident, Isaiah was stabilized in the Emergency Room and had stitches to reattached his severed eye lid. Later on he underwent surgery to repair his broken nose. Since the wound on his arm was too large to be sutured by stitches, Isaiah had daily painful wound cleaning and dressing changes.


Today, Isaiah is a healthy 13 year old! He sees his cardiologist once a year and has no limitations placed on his activities. All of the injuries from the accident have healed amazingly. Weekly appointments with his pediatrician following the accident, ensured complete healing. Isaiah credits Rainbow for saving his life, not once but twice!

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