Meet Miracle Stories Ben and Owen


Ben and Owen at 1 day old

Ben & Owen’s family will be forever grateful to Rainbow for their two amazing miracle boys.

At 24 weeks of pregnancy, Ben & Owen’s mom was put on bedrest for sudden signs of premature labor. After 3 additional weeks, Sarah’s water broke and the boys were delivered via and emergency c-section. Owen was delivered first and weighed 2 lbs. 4 oz. and was 14 inches long. Ben arrived two minutes later and was 2 lbs. 8 oz. and was also 14 inches long. Both had very low Apgar scores and little sign of life.


Both Ben and Owen were not breathing on their own and were intubated and taken immediately to the NICU. During their 10 weeks in the NICU, they suffered from respiratory distress syndrome, brain hemorrhages, feeding issues and a number of other serious health risks. The next few years included eye exams for retinopathy, preemie clinic follow-up, physical and occupational therapies for gross and fine motor delays and speech therapy for speech delays.


At 5 years old both Ben and Owen are in pre-kindergarten and thriving. They have graduated from most therapies, play and learn like typical boys their age and show little signs of their rough start to life. Rainbow provided the very best environment for growth and development in their early weeks of life. The hospital helped to support the family both physically and emotionally through the most difficult time in their lives.

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