Christine Koniaris, MD

Dr. Koniaris
Christine Koniaris, MD

Medical Director, Palliative Care
Center for Geriatric and Palliative Medicine, UH Cleveland Medical Center

Christine Koniaris, MD, has always loved to dance and even did some ballroom dancing during her college years. But the last time she took professional dancing lessons was 14 years ago in preparation for her wedding day.

For Dancing with the Docs, Dr. Koniaris hopes to bring elegance and intrigue – with a hint of seduction – to the Argentine tango. To prepare, she's been taking lots of notes, listening to hours of Argentine tango music and "freeing my mind of everything else to completely get into the dance," she said. "I'm excited because I have always longed to dance an Argentine tango and now I finally have the opportunity to do so," she said.

As Medical Director of Palliative Care, Dr. Koniaris knows how much patients will benefit from Dancing with the Docs, a fundraiser for the UH Auxiliary that supports patient- and family-centered programs and services such as Pet Pals, massage and the annual Celebration of Lives. Palliative care focuses on preventing or easing pain, stress and suffering during an illness to give patients and their families the best possible quality of life.

"Promoting and growing these important endeavors of the UH Auxiliary is something that we should all stand behind," she said.

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