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Surgical and Service Excellence

Continuously evolving techniques and innovations make joint replacement and spine surgeries uniquely beneficial to patients who suffer from arthritis and other painful conditions. Long recognized as a local leader in musculoskeletal care, the Spine, Orthopedic & Surgical Center at University Hospitals St. John Medical Center’s strength lies in the depth of experience of its physicians and clinical staff.

Employing leading-edge diagnostic imaging and surgical technology, our program’s highly skilled and experienced surgeons are backed by a hand-picked team of multidisciplinary experts. Every day, they perform procedures to alleviate problems caused by osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, fractures, congenital abnormalities and trauma, which can restrict a patient’s active lifestyle.

From the moment a guest arrives and is shown to his or her room, it is apparent that this will not be a typical hospital stay. Welcome to The Spine, Orthopedic & Surgical Center at UH St. John Medical Center, where surgical excellence is coupled with service excellence.


Most of our guests choose surgery because they want to resume life’s activities that back or joint pain have made difficult. By starting the rehabilitation process as soon as possible after surgery, mobility and function can be addressed during the healing process, which results in a shorter hospital stay and quicker overall recovery. Our focus is on functional activities that promote independence and enable a patient to return to a productive lifestyle.

Our approach to rehabilitation is simple – return each patient to his or her maximum level of functional independence through a team approach. While the treatment is individualized, group-oriented physical and occupational therapy is a key component of our program. Not only do guests seem to enjoy the social aspect, but the shared surgical and recovery experience appears to motivate participants as well.

Patient Education

It starts well before a patient’s arrival, continues throughout their stay and still does not end upon discharge and a return home. The importance of patient education and its contribution toward successful outcomes cannot be emphasized enough.

Many patients will be introduced to The Spine, Orthopedic & Surgical Center through one of a series of condition-specific community seminars. Once it is determined that surgery is indeed the best course of action and a procedure date has been scheduled, patients attend a comprehensive pre-operative orientation. These procedure-specific sessions are held in a group setting and led by members of the multidisciplinary team. Information is presented in a variety of formats, including written, display graphics and video.

During each individual’s hospital stay, group and one-on-one consultations with physicians and staff are also augmented with a daily planner. But the learning does not stop there. Following discharge, members of the nursing staff check in with guests via the telephone at one- and two-week intervals.

A Five-Star Experience

Throughout each stay, The Spine, Orthopedic & Surgical Center’s highly trained staff will attend to a guest’s every need. From the moment of arrival, it is clear that personal comfort and well-being are of the utmost importance. Not only does the 16-bed unit’s private suites and common areas have the appearance of a fine hotel, but it offers a number of the same services.

For meals, guests have the option of sharing a white tablecloth dining experience with others or enjoying room service in private. No matter what type of procedure, our goal is to provide guests with maximum comfort. From the moment they are greeted and taken to their rooms by our concierge, we promise a five-star experience.

For more information or to reserve a spot in one of our upcoming community education programs, please call 440-827-5118.

The Spine, Orthopedic & Surgical Center at UH St. John Medical Center
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