Holistic Birthing Center

Holistic BirthingThe Holistic Birth Center is Northeast Ohio’s first hospital-based birth center. We believe that birth is a sacred natural journey that can unfold on its own. The staff is here to help make the birth experience satisfying for you, your newborn and your family.

Holistic Birthing Center Brochure (PDF)


The Holistic Birth Center at University Hospitals St. John Medical Center Family Suites has been developed to provide a familiar warm homelike environment where families can experience birth.

The staffs of nurses, physicians and midwives are committed to partnering with the childbearing family to provide a safe and satisfying birth experience focusing on birth as normal. The homelike qualities, welcoming, reassuring and professional nature of the staff embody the idea that birth is normal, yet emotionally powerful.

Women and families have the right to seek care that is medically safe and that recognizes and respects the individual’s physical, social, spiritual, psychological and economic needs.

Women and families have the right and responsibility to assume an active role in their own health care.

Education is an essential part of quality health care. Only when women and their families have real access to information are they able to assume an active role.

The birth center program of care is designed in the wellness model and guided by principals of prevention, sensitivity, safety and appropriate medical intervention.

When birth is integrated into life as a family event, the family is strengthened.

Our goal is to nurture a woman’s sense of personal strength and self confidence so that she may experience her own birth with dignity and empowerment.

Who Can Use the Birth Center?

The birth center is designed for the low-risk mother and healthy baby. Motivated couples that are interested in utilizing the birth center will participate in the holistic birth center orientation that will define low risk.

What Can I Expect?

The birth center is designed in the wellness model and guided by principles of prevention, sensitivity, safety and low intervention. We empower the family to take an active role in the birth process. The use of routine IVs, pitocin and epidural anesthesia are not available in the birth center. Instead we encourage the use of aromatherapy, hydrotherapy, music therapy and massage therapy. The freedom to move in labor, eat and drink in labor, and having the support of our staff will allow your labor to unfold naturally. After the birth, our goal is to keep mother and baby together. Skin-to-skin contact is encouraged along with breastfeeding. The use of pacifiers or supplements are only done with parental consents. Your stay may be from 6-24 hours. If you require a stay greater than 24 hours, you are moved to a traditional birthing suite.

Does My Insurance Cover the Birth Center?

Yes, if your insurance allows you to deliver at UH St. John Medical Center. The Birth Center is located in the hospital on the Family Suites Unit.

How Do I Learn More?

Holistic Birth Center orientation classes are sponsored by UH St. John Medical Center Community Outreach. Call 877-597-6348.

Safety and Security

The safety of both you and your infant are of utmost importance. The obstetrical care team includes an obstetrician, pediatrician and anesthesiologist. All team members are in the hospital 24/7 in the event of an emergency. In the unlikely event that your baby needs more intensive care than what is offered at UH St. John Medical Center, our team of pediatricians will facilitate a transfer to UH Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital. After the birth of your baby the nurse will place identification bands on the baby, the mother and the father/partner.

All bands share a common number, the baby will never be given to anyone unless they wear the identification band with the matching number. In addition all newborns have a security device placed on the umbilical cord that will set off an alarm if the baby is leaving the unit. The unit is locked and the door is managed by the obstetrical staff.

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