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  • Off-Pump Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery

    Coronary artery bypass surgery, commonly known as CABG, is a type of heart surgery. Surgeons perform this type of surgery to bypass blockages in the coronary arteries. An “off-pump CABG” is a CABG performed without the use of a heart-lung machine (cardiopulmonary bypass). This means the heart continues to provide blood to the rest of the body during the surgery. It is sometimes referred to as “beating heart surgery.”

  • Osmolality (Blood)

    This test measures the concentration of dissolved particles, or osmolality, in your blood.

  • Osmolality (Stool)

    This test measures the concentration, or osmolality, of certain particles in a sample of your watery stool. The test is used to find out why you have chronic diarrhea.

  • Osmolality (Urine)

    This test measures the concentration of particles in your urine. It finds out whether your electrolyte balance is normal and whether your kidneys are working properly.

  • Ova and Parasites (Stool)

    This test looks for parasites and their larvae or eggs in a sample of your stool.

  • Oxalate (Urine)

    This test checks for the chemical oxalate in your blood. High levels of this substance can make it more likely that you will develop kidney stones.

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