During Your Trip

Be Prepared for Health Concerns During Travel

Health needs or concerns may arise at any time during a business trip, humanitarian aid trip or a vacation. Our team is available for issues during travel, including more common travel-related digestive issues or more complex high-risk malaria medical prescription questions. We also provide comprehensive online resources to assist with detailed information as questions arise during your trip.

Consults Available During Travel

While consultations with specialists at University Hospitals Roe Green Center for Travel Medicine are generally not needed during a trip, our specialists are available if necessary. If travelers have any questions or concerns at any point during short or longer term trips, they can call our office. Our infectious disease experts are able to help with any health issues as they occur in unfamiliar settings or circumstances.

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If a health concern during a trip requires a consultation with one of our physicians, call 216-844-8500.

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To schedule a consultation with the Roe Green Center for Travel Medicine, call

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