Driver Evaluations

University Hospitals Offers Comprehensive Clinical Driver Evaluations

Occupational therapists at the Center for Rehabilitation Services assess patients with medical conditions or physical limitations to determine driving function abilities. This evaluation enables patients and their families to reduce any anxiety about driving skills. Should a family member, caregiver, or friend have a concern about community mobility and/or driver safety, they may refer an individual to rehabilitation services. Most insurance companies do require a physician prescription.

Driving Skills Assessed

Functional skills assessed include:

  • Basic vision
  • Cognitive functions
  • Coordination and reaction time
  • Driving skills on a simulator
  • Dynamic mobility and balance
  • Problem solving
  • Range of motion and strength
  • Visual-perceptual skills

Results of the assessment are given to the driver, a guardian and the referring physician. If needed, specific recommendations are made to the patient and family, if there are concerns about driving skills or safety.

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