Evaluation and Treatment

Our evaluations comprise the following:

  • Comprehensive objective and subjective assessments
  • Consultation among a multidisciplinary team of experts
  • Physical examinations and test results using state-of-the-art technology
  • Support services to address each patient’s immediate needs
  • Patient and family education
  • Other referrals as needed


Our team of highly trained experts provides successful treatment for such conditions as vocal cord paresis and paralysis, spasmodic dysphonia, dysphagia, organ preservation surgery for laryngeal carcinoma, Zenkers diverticulum, cricopharyngeal spasm, and vocal fold weakness.

Our team employs proven techniques in swallowing and voice therapeutics, including stroboscopy, laryngoscopy, electromyography, transnasal esophagoscopy and laryngeal botulinum toxin injection.

Pediatric Program

Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital has certified specialists to diagnose and treat swallowing and voice disorders in infants and children. Their services comprise the following:

  • Thorough evaluation
  • Consultation and family support
  • Additional testing as needed
  • Collaboration with experts in their disciplines, including surgical pediatric otolaryngology, neurology and pediatric plastic surgery.

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