Patient Stories

University Hospitals Sports Medicine treats athletes of all ages – from high school, to college and beyond – and of every level, including professionals. Our primary goal is to treat their injuries and help them return safely to play. Here are some of their stories of overcoming injuries and setbacks to ultimately get back in the game.

Abigail Olshavsky

Abigail’s Story

Abigail Olshavsky was a senior at Brunswick High School when she injured her knee while participating in a college-level cheerleading clinic. On a neighbor’s recommendation, she went to see James Voos, MD, to seek treatment for her injury.

Andrew Bucur

Andrew’s Story

When Lake Erie College student Andrew Bucur felt a pop in his right knee during a soccer scrimmage, he knew that that a serious injury had occurred. With the help of UH Sports Medicine, he was able to get back in the game after his ACL rupture and lateral meniscus tear.

Elizabeth Patterson

Elizabeth’s Story

Elizabeth Patterson was playing her final lacrosse game of the season when she tore her ACL. Needing surgery, she turned to Dr. James Voos and the UH Sports Medicine team.

Abigail Olshavsky

Isaiah’s Story

Mentor High School football player Isaiah Gullick dreams of playing in the NFL, but that dream was threatened when he injured his knee and was diagnosed with a severely torn lateral meniscus. Luckily, Isaiah was a candidate for meniscus transplant.

John Dickens

John’s Story

Chicago native John Dickens was training for a marathon when he began to feel a sharp pain in his hip. When he moved to Cleveland for a job he continued to run, but the pain wasn’t getting better. Aware of the good reputation of University Hospitals, he turned to sports medicine Sean Cupp, MD, for help.

Judie Lesesne

Judie’s Story

When hip pain derailed her collegiate basketball career, 19-year-old Judie Lesesne turned to UH Sports Medicine to get her back on the court.

Abigail Olshavsky

Kyle’s Story

The summer before his sophomore year,Garfield Heights High School student Kyle Stergis was playing a pick-up basketball game with his friends when he landed awkwardly and experience pain in his hip. Although the injury was originally ruled not serious, after continuing to experience pain, he underwent a thorough evaluation and MRI. It revealed that Kyle had labral tears in both hips.

Maritza at her SAS Formal, just three weeks post-surgery

Maritza’s Story

High school freshman Maritza Guerra was living in China with her family when she injured her knee while practicing for her dance team. After it was determined that Maritza needed surgery, the family sought out a top orthopedic surgeon, leading them to Dr. James Voos at UH. Maritza and her mother then made the 25-hour trip to Cleveland from Shanghai for her meniscus repair.

Rachel Adams

Rachel’s Story

Twinsburg High School student Rachel Adams was warming up for her first volleyball game of the season when she landed awkwardly and heard a loud “pop” in her knee – followed by excruciating pain. Seeking out an orthopedic surgeon with experience in knee injuries led Rachel and her family to UH Sports Medicine.

Sydney Fitzcharles

Sydney’s Story

A volleyball player since third grade, Sydney Fitzcharles was an eighth-grader at St. Rita when she injured her knee. Diagnosed with a torn ACL, she went to UH Sports Medicine for the repair.

Trevion Beverly

Trevion’s Story

Playing on the varsity basketball team at Cleveland Central Catholic High School, 11th-grader Trevion Beverly ruptured her ACL. Determined to get back in the game as soon as possible, she sought treatment for her injury with the UH Sports Medicine team.

Victoria poses next to to Kevin Malone, MD

Victoria’s Story

During practice, now 9-year-old figure skater Victoria experienced a devastating injury to the ring finger on her left hand. Another skater’s blade sliced through her skin, severing many nerves and tendons. After being cared for at University Hospitals Parma Medical Center’s emergency room, Victoria was referred to Kevin Malone, MD, Chief of Hand Surgery at University Hospitals.

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