Breaking Down Borders

Rob Kendrick

Rob participates in a weekly dance class for people with Parkinson’s.

When 57-year-old Rob Kendrick from Toronto, Canada was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease 15 years ago, he realized quickly that keeping a sense of humor was important. At 42, he was the father of three young children who lovingly called him “shaky dad,” and the name stuck. He proudly displays the license plate “SHAKYDAD” on his Volkswagen Beetle, and uses the handle on his Parkinson’s blog which has been going strong for three years now.

SHAKYDAD Volkswagon Beetle

Rob proudly displays his “SHAKYDAD” nickname on his bright orange VW “bug.”

Very active in the Parkinson’s community both online and in his hometown, Rob came across a post about the Seventh Annual Parkinson’s Boot Camp™ being held in Akron, Ohio on September 19. He reviewed the details and made plans to make the four-to-five hour drive from Toronto to Ohio. “I was intrigued about the Boot Camp because it’s a full-day session not only for people with Parkinson’s, but also their caregivers,” said Rob. “Parkinson’s disease can be very isolating; the Boot Camp will provide an opportunity for me and my family to connect with people who are going through the same things we are.” He continued, “It will break down borders in more ways than one.”

For more information about the Seventh Annual Parkinson’s Boot Camp or to register, please visit or call 216-983-5741.

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