Meet the Team

Martha Sajatovic, MD, Director

sajatovic-marthaDr. Sajatovic is a Professor of Psychiatry and has extensive experience in outcomes research. She is the recipient of the Willard Brown Chair for Neurological Outcomes Research. Her research interest has been in mental health areas, treatment and health-services research. Current projects include late-life mental disorders, bipolar illness, treatment adherence and treatment delivery in medically comorbid populations.

Curtis Tatsuoka, PhD, Director of Biostatistics

Dr. Tatsuoka is Assistant Professor of neurology and his research focus includes the development of new classes of psychometric models for neuropsychological assessment, understanding their theoretical properties, and developing methods for adaptive testing.

Center Staff

Elisabeth Welter, Research Manager
Ashley Bukach, Data and Regulatory Coordinator
Kari Colon-Zimmermann, Research Assistant
Jaime Van Doren, Research Assistant

For more information, please e-mail or call her at 216-368-3032.

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