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Innovative Research Focused on Improved Patient Care

University Hospitals Neurological Institute and the Neurological & Behavioral Outcomes Center (NOC) in Cleveland, Ohio continue to lead and excel in research that has the potential to advance care for people with neurological and neuropsychiatric conditions. Despite ongoing research funding challenges, research continues to be strong. New areas of focus include epilepsy management, an integrated/cross-academic center database proposal, and collaboration on an international training grant application in Uganda. As in previous years, NOC will continue to build partnerships with other departments and centers, while augmenting the NOC team with new investigators of diverse backgrounds and training. Our mission to improve clinical care impacts patients in real and significant ways: for example, our research interventions are available as manuals that can be used in other healthcare or community settings.

Selected Examples of New Research Projects

Some of the clinical research currently in process at the Neurological & Behavioral Outcomes Center includes the following:

  • Targeted management intervention for African-American men with TIA or first-time stroke. Primary Investigator: Martha Sajatovic, MD. Co-Investigators: Kathleen Smyth, PhD, Curtis Tatsuoka, PhD. The project will develop and test a new self-management intervention intended to reduce the unacceptably high morbidity and mortality in young African-American men with stroke.
  • Pilot Study of EXCEED (Enhanced Exercise Therapy for Patients with Parkinson’s Disease). PIs: Benjamin Walter, MD, Martha Sajatovic, MD. Co-Investigators: Curtis Tatsuoka, PhD, Kathleen Smyth, PhD. The purpose of this project is to test a focused exercise and educational program to improve well-being and motor symptoms in people with Parkinson’s disease.
  • Assessing Early Alzheimer and at Risk Groups with Patient Reported Outcomes (CE-PRO). PIs: Kathleen Smyth, PhD, Martha Sajatovic, MD; Co-Investigators: Curtis Tatsuoka, PhD. Source: NIH. This project examines patient-reported and other standardized assessment methods in people with dementia and those at risk for dementia. Findings will help develop efficient methods to identify at-risk individuals.
  • Dynamic adjustment of stimuli in real-time fMRI. PI: Curtis Tatsuoka, PhD. This project is intended to develop faster and more efficient ways of using functional neuroimaging to interpret brain abnormalities in people with epilepsy.
  • Treatment adherence enhancement in bipolar disorder. PI:Martha Sajatovic, MD. Co-I: Curtis Tatsuoka, PhD. The project is a large randomized controlled trial of a program designed to improve medication treatment adherence for people with bipolar disorder.

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