Functional & Restorative Neurosurgery

Advanced Treatments at University Hospitals Neurological Institute Restore Nervous System Functionality

UH Neurological Institute’s Functional & Restorative Neurosurgery Center is dedicated to the restoration of function affected by neurological disease and the development of new technologies to improve brain health and optimize the quality of life for patients with neurological disease or disorders.

The center is focused on enhancing patients’ neurological functioning through neuromodulation therapies, including electrical stimulation or direct delivery of medication to the nervous system. These advanced procedures provide options for patients with conditions and symptoms that typically do not respond to standard treatments.

Conditions we treat include:

The primary surgical treatment for restoring neurological function is deep brain stimulation (DBS). Additionally, our nationally recognized neurosurgeons perform a wide variety of other restorative procedures, including vagal nerve stimulation and targeted cranial surgical resections for the treatment of refractory epilepsy, spinal cord and peripheral nerve stimulation, surgical treatment of facial pain, stereotactic radiosurgery and intrathecal drug delivery.

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