Three-Phase Approach

Three-Phase Approach for Complete Rehabilitation

Unlike other cardiac rehabs, ours unique program consists of three crucial phases:

  1. Phase 1 – This phase begins in the hospital during the patient’s recovery from a heart event or surgery. Physicians, exercise physiologists, dietitians and nurses educate the patient and family on the heart condition. Patients then receive recommendations, exercise support and information on cardiovascular risk factors to ensure appropriate care once they leave the hospital.
  2. Phase 2 – This outpatient program takes place in a monitored environment and consists of electrocardiogram (EKG)-monitored exercise, education and cardiovascular risk factor reduction. Our cardiovascular rehab team develops an individualized plan of care based on each patient’s needs and goals.
  3. Phase 3 – This phase, designed to help patients build a lifelong commitment to cardiovascular risk factor modification while preventing future heart events, provides the following:
    • Medically supervised exercise training sessions, using cardiovascular and resistance training equipment in a group setting to teach proper technique and safety.
    • Exercise prescription tailored to each patient’s unique cardiovascular diagnosis, risk factors, physical limitations, exercise test results and health conditions.
    • Education and counseling to help patients understand their specific heart condition and how to reduce the risk of future heart problems. Counseling topics may include coronary heart disease, medications, risk factor reduction, depression, stress management, nutrition, weight loss and exercise.

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