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John Kheir, MD

John Kheir, MD

Boston Children’s Hospital, Boston, Mass.

Dr. Kheir is advancing the development of injectable oxygen to be used as a short-term emergency tactic in pediatric and adult patients suffering severe oxygen deprivation.

John Kheir, MD, is a pediatric intensive care specialist at Boston Children’s Hospital, Boston, Mass. Dr. Kheir leads a team of researchers that is developing an intravenous infusion of lipid-based oxygen microparticles (LOMs) to rapidly reverse severe hypoxemia.

The team has manufactured LOMs from a lipid-based solution and oxygen gas. The LOM diameter is determined by light scatter and oxygen content, which in turn is determined by weight differential of a set volume of suspension.

The team has demonstrated proof of concept in animal models in several studies. Infusions of LOMs were administered to hypoxemic rabbits at varying rates over a two-minute period via either intravenous or intraosseous line followed by a one-minute observation period. Endpoints included oxyhemoglobin saturations by pulse oximetry and arterial blood gas values drawn every 30 seconds.

Oxyhemoglobin saturation by pulse oximeter rose rapidly in a dose-dependent fashion in both intravenous and intraosseous infusions, PaO2 p<0.0001 IO; SaO2 p<0.05 IV, p<0.0001 IO, respectively. Upon contact with hypoxic hemoglobin, the LOMs release oxygen, which rapidly binds to the cell. The lipid shell is metabolized by the body. Researchers concluded that oxyhemoglobin saturation and oxygen tension can be acutely raised by intravenous or intraosseous infusion of LOMs.

Dr. Kheir earned his medical degree from the University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Va. He served a residency in Pediatrics at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and fellowships in Pediatric Intensive Care medicine and Pediatric Cardiac Intensive Care at Boston Children’s Hospital.

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