Accelerating Breakthrough Discoveries into Medicines

Harrington Scholar-Innovator Program

Harrington Scholar-Innovator Program Supports Physician-Scientists to Improve Standards of Care

The Harrington Scholar-Innovator Award recognizes physician-scientist innovators throughout the U.S. whose research has the potential to change standard of care. The Scholar-Innovator Award provides research and drug development support to help bridge the gap between basic discovery and the clinic.

Up to 12 Harrington Scholar-Innovator awards will be made each year through a competitive selection process. Awardees are selected by the Harrington Discovery Institute’s Scientific Advisory Board.

Multi-Level Support for Research Grant Recipients

Harrington Discovery Institute is committed to providing Scholar-Innovator awardees with a full level of support, including:

  • $100,000 guaranteed, opportunity to qualify for up to $700,000/2 years
  • Pharmaceutical industry drug development expertise and project management support through our Innovation Support Center

Support by Harrington Discovery Institute’s Innovation Support Center includes:

  • Consulting services from pharma-experienced drug development professionals covering a wide range of specialty disciplines.
  • Additional access to professional consultations for IP strategy and commercial and market assessment.
  • Consideration for supplemental funds from the Harrington Discovery Institute to advance projects
  • Facilitated access to BioMotiv and other strategic partners for future development
  • Access to resources including CROs and drug discovery centers that can provide:
    • Assay development and High throughput screening (HTS)
    • Medicinal chemistry
    • Preclinical development including toxicology, safety pharmacology, and DMPK
    • Pharmaceutical development including formulation and regulatory strategy

Harrington Scholar-Innovator Awards are made conditional on applicant meeting the terms of the agreement. Please see the Scholar-Innovator Award Policies for more information.

Dates to Know

April 5, 2017
Letter of Intent Deadline

May 31, 2017
Full Application Deadline (For those invited)

December 2017
Awardees Notified

Harrington Project

The Harrington Discovery Institute is the nonprofit arm of the Harrington Project for Discovery & Development, an international initiative supporting breakthrough research by physician-scientists. The Project is a new and powerful approach to address some of the challenges hindering advancement of medicine today.

The Harrington Grant is an important part of the overall pharmaceutical research initiative created by The Harrington Project.

For Questions

For questions about the Scholar-Innovator grants or the application process, please email