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John S. Kent, PhD

John S. Kent, PhD

Dr. John S. Kent received his BS, Pharmacy and PhD from the University of Wisconsin. He began his career at Syntex (which later became Roche BioScience) as a Staff Researcher and then as Director, Pharmaceutical Development. During his career there, Dr. Kent was involved in numerous projects that became successful products. These included Aleve®, Toradol®, Ticlid®, Enprostil® and the use of PLGA as a delivery platform for peptides such as LHRH analogs. This became a patented delivery system of significant value.

Dr. Kent later served as Vice President, Pharmaceutical Sciences – Services at Allergan, Inc., in Irvine, California. Responsible for pharmaceutical analysis, microbiology, CMC scientific affairs, quality assurance, and clinical manufacturing for eye care, skin care, and consumer eye care, Dr. Kent contributed to the successful pharmaceutical development of Lumigan®, Alocril®, Abrevia™, Tazorac® Gel and Cream, Alphagan®, Betagan® + Propine®(Canada), Refresh Plus®, Acular®, Acular Unpreserved®, BOTOX®, Restatsis®, ZYMAR® & Elestat® (Epinastine).

Dr. Kent most recently served as Vice President, Pharmaceutical Sciences, at Theravance, Inc. in South San Francisco. There he was responsible for development oversight and manufacturing of Telavancin for Injection (VIBATIV®), including product development, clinical supplies management, stability study management, and clinical supply manufacturing. As the CMC sub-team leader for Telavancin for Injection, his team created the CMC IND file that was accepted before it was approved in the US in September 2009.

With over 35 years of experience in pharmaceutical development, Dr. Kent currently serves as a consultant to large and small pharmaceutical companies. He is a member of the American Association of Pharmaceutical Sciences and a former member of the Controlled Release Society, the Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences, and the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology.