Geriatric Services

Center for Lifelong Health Provides a Broad Range of Specialized Geriatric Services

University Hospitals Center for Lifelong Health offers the very latest in compassionate, specialized geriatric services for patients and members of the community. Our services include:

  • Acute Care for the Elderly (ACE): This program was developed at University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center in 1994, combining the principles of geriatric assessment and quality improvement within the context of the culture of the hospital.
  • Geriatric psychiatry services: Treats psychiatric problems that may occur with older populations for the first time later in life, including mental illnesses affected by the aging process, dementia, depression and anxiety.
  • Brain Health & Memory Center: A specialized center with a 20-year track record of providing exemplary care for those affected with disorders of memory and cognition (mental processes).
  • Palliative care: Offering specialized palliative care, the medical specialty that focuses on preventing or easing pain, stress and suffering during an illness.
  • Primary Care Clinic: Located at Eliza Bryant Village, this specialty clinic offers primary care access to adults who will benefit from specialization in senior health care.
  • Program of All-Inclusive Care of the Elderly (PACE): An important home- and community-based program designed to keep nursing-home-eligible seniors out of nursing homes and help them continue to live in the community.
  • Senior Assessment Program: With a team approach to diagnosis and treatment, we involve the individual, family members and physicians to improve and maintain the highest quality of life for older men and women.
  • Skilled nursing: Designed to provide comfortable surroundings that meet your needs and ease your transition between hospital and home.
  • University Hospitals Medical House Calls Program: Provides primary health care services to homebound adults who cannot otherwise access regular medical care.

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For more information about the Center for Lifelong Health at University Hospitals, please call 1-844-312-LIFE (5433).

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