Balance Recovery

Balance Recovery Helps Prevent Falls and Injuries

University Hospitals Center for Lifelong Health provides balance recovery services to help seniors live active, independent lives. Falling is a serious problem with older adults, resulting in broken bones, head injuries and even loss of independence. Our therapists thoroughly evaluate each patient to identify balance deficits and recommend care plans that meet their needs.

Inpatient Balance Evaluations

The Center for Lifelong Health provides balance assessments while patients are in the hospital to identify specific needs to increase stability prior to going home. While still in the hospital, we provide training or rehabilitation to meet specific goals for a smooth transition from hospital care.

Outpatient Balance Therapy

Patients that need further work on balance deficits are referred to our outpatient therapists. These at-risk seniors are better able to stabilize their balance deficiencies by working with trained therapists. Using our leading-edge equipment and guided by our balance experts, seniors are able to increase stability for long-term health.

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