Common Cancer Concerns

Offering a Variety of Resources to Help Patients Deal with the Challenges of Cancer

A cancer diagnosis brings with it questions, challenges and uncertainty, for both patients and their loved ones. At University Hospitals Seidman Cancer Center, we understand that cancer changes your life. That is why we focus on caring for you as a whole person. These resources – including books, brochures, organizations, and websites – offer guidance and emotional support for families as they navigate the cancer journey.

Emotional Care

A cancer diagnosis can bring with it a lot of anxiety and emotional stress. Through the emotional care pathfinders, individuals will be able to find resources to help them cope with the emotional and psychological effects of cancer.

Physical Care

People with cancer are often want to know about eating well, getting enough sleep and staying physically fit. The physical care pathfinders provide valuable resources for patients to help them stay well both during and after cancer treatment.

Social Care

Cancer not only takes a physical and emotional toll on the patient and his or her family, but it also has a tremendous social impact, on areas of life such as personal relationships, career and finances. There are many resources available for those who are dealing with various social stresses – both during cancer treatment, and after treatment is complete as they transition back into their normal day-to-day living. The books, brochures and websites in the social care pathfinders provide valuable information to help patients cope with the social changes that cancer may bring to their lives.

Spiritual Care

For many patients, spirituality or religion plays a very important role in guiding them through the cancer journey. Our spiritual care pathfinder provides valuable resources for patients to help them engage their spiritual side as they deal with cancer and its related issues. Whether through prayer, meditation, or simple spiritual reflection, patients can tap into this powerful source of comfort as they deal with the many stresses of cancer and cancer treatment.

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