Music Therapy Services

Offering a Range of Music Therapy Techniques to Help Patients

The music therapists at University Hospitals Seidman Cancer Center use a variety of music interventions to address patients’ specific needs after making an assessment. For example, a music therapist may:

  • Provide live soothing music and imagery to assist patients in managing pain
  • Assist patients in writing and recording a song to express thoughts and feelings
  • Provide music to help patients refocus during medical procedures
  • Engage patients in musical exercises to assist them in physical or speech rehabilitation
  • Provide music therapy strategies to help patients manage stress during hospitalization

When possible, patients move in time with the music. The physical component of music therapy provides additional benefits. It helps preserve muscle tone and flexibility in those who are undergoing long-term hospital treatment. Entraining to the beat of a favorite tune helps patients accomplish more during physical therapy.

Music therapy can enhance communication among patients and families who find it difficult to discuss serious health issues. For example, the therapy team can help a patient write a song reflecting his or her inner thoughts. Sometimes a family member is encouraged to write a song of encouragement and perform it for his or her loved one.

Our staff actively provide in-services, consults, presentations and demonstrations on the benefits of music therapy to our UH system, at medical and education conferences, in the community, and throughout the country and abroad.

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